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Is It Worth Selling Your Used Car On Motorway.co.uk?

by Zack Norman
Motorway Review

If you’re searching for the easiest, most convenient, and most effortless way to sell your car, I can’t recommend motorway.co.uk enough. It’s super easy and straightforward to use, from listing your car for sale, waiting for the highest bidder to come through, and then seeing your car collected from your driveway. And, despite all that convenience, you could be certain that you’ll get a fair deal and competitive exchange price for your car, too. Don’t just take all those Motorway car valuation reviews at face value, either. I’ve sold 3 of my cars through motorway.co.uk, including a cute little 2018 Kia Picanto GT Line S, a loud and fast 2016 Ford Mustang GT, and a weary old 2013 Range Rover Evoque Dynamic. Each and every time, I’m left with a really positive impression.

So, how does this motorway.co.uk thing work, anyway? Well, it’s simple enough… When you list your car for sale on Motorway, it seamlessly connects sellers like you and me with a network of over 5,000 trusted, authorised dealerships throughout the UK. From there, these dealers are then able to compete with one another to place down a competitive bid to take the car off your hands. Once the auctioning process is over, the highest bidder wins, ensuring that you can get the highest exchange price possible for your car. Once that’s done, your car will be collected from your driveway, and motorway.co.uk then securely process the final payment. Oftentimes, you’ll even receive the payment on the very same day that your car is collected, after the handover.

Motorway Review

Selling Your Car, Now Made Even Easier

Better still, it’s for free! Through Motorway, you could list your car there for free, and once you’ve sold the car, it’ll be collected from your home or driveway for free, as well. If you’re looking to get an even better deal out of Motorway, for a limited time, you, the reader, will get a £50 Amazon voucher if you use this link here and sell your car through motorway.co.uk. However, the question remains… Why should you use Motorway instead of just selling your car the traditional way, instead? The latter being either 1) visiting your local car dealerships to have your car appraised, or 2) listing your car online and selling it privately. For me, personally, the best thing about motorway.co.uk is just how comparatively effortless it is to sell your car through the platform.

Normally, you’d have to physically enquire and contact individual dealerships one by one, exhaustively travelling from one dealer to another. That’s just the easy part, before having to endure the oft-pushy car salesmen’s tactics and headache-inducing negotiations, assuming you’re able to get a good price at all. Meanwhile, the only other option is to list your car privately online, but that too demands a lot from you. You’d have to decide and set a competitive price, before then needing to speak to each would-be buyer. That’s not to mention the paperwork involved, having to figure out and process the final payment, and the delivery of your car. It’s a massive hassle from start to finish, but it’s something you can bypass entirely by going through motorway.co.uk.

Motorway Review

Can You Get More For Your Car On Motorway?

To get a clearer perspective on just how seamless it is, there are plenty of Motorway car valuation reviews, like these reviews here for motorway.co.uk that you can check out. From my experience, however, it’s worth bearing in mind that Motorway isn’t necessarily going to guarantee that you’ll earn more compared to a private sale or selling your car through a dealership. In fact, of the 3 cars that I sold through motorway.co.uk, all of them sold for a smidge less via the platform, once the highest bids came through. But, the offers were still pretty fair. And, with that aforementioned Kia Picanto, it sold on Motorway for around 15% more than what I’d typically expect from these online car-buying types of services. Moreover, there are other benefits to using Motorway than just the price.

The convenience is unmatched, particularly once you’ve experienced the motorway.co.uk mobile app and site. It holds your hand the whole way through listing your car for sale, and it even guides you in making sure you take good photos of it. Even if you don’t have access to a computer, you can have your car listed entirely through your mobile phone. In addition to the effortlessness that motorway.co.uk offers when you’re trying to list your car, the quality of service you get is equally superb. When it came time to collect my car, the dealer took really good care of my car, and only after a quick inspection and short test drive, the payment was processed in no time at all. I’m certain that if and when it’s time to sell a 4th car, I have no doubt that I’ll go through Motorway again. I hope these reviews of car valuation on Motorway help!

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