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Most Wanted Classic Trucks – Which Ones Are The Most Sought After?

by Kelvin Yates

Are you planning to purchase yourself a classic truck and you are asking yourself what are the most wanted classic trucks out there on the market right now? If that is the case, then you are at the right place because we are going to cover everything you need to know when it comes to purchasing one of these cool trucks.

Performing proper research before you go out there and purchase a vehicle is really important. First, you will get the right input that you need to determine if the classic truck that you want to buy is a hot item, meaning that this truck is gaining in value.

When purchasing a classic car, you still want something that will be a good investment. Something that will increase its value over time and not lose a ton of value. And when it comes to this aspect. These classic trucks are really good at it. They generally keep their value and the value of most of these trucks increases over time. But which among these trucks makes it into this list? More on that later, let’s see what we are going to discuss first.

First, we are going to cover what is a classic pickup truck and why pickup trucks are getting quite popular nowadays. Then we will cover the pros and cons of owning a classic truck as well as our full list of most wanted classic trucks. So, if you want to learn more, follow along.

What Are Classic Trucks And Why They Are Most Wanted?

Now before we dive into more complex topics like the most wanted classic trucks, let’s first take a look at the basics and learn about what a classic truck is in general. What puts a certain truck into this category and defines it as such? Let’s elaborate.

When it comes to defining a truck as a classic, there are a few conditions that need to be met in order to call this truck a classic. First, it needs to get to that certain age. And second, it needs to have a certain value.

Either sentimental or cash value to be considered as such. But the second condition isn’t always essential. The most crucial aspect in most cases is age.

So, what age the truck needs to have in order to be considered a classic? Well, for today’s standards, trucks from the 70s and earlier can be considered classic vehicles.

Even though, newer trucks produced in the 80s are soon to be deemed as such as well. So, grabbing one of these trucks before the value goes up might be an excellent idea to do. I’m saying this because 70s trucks are quickly getting some traction.

But a true classic in our books are trucks from the 50s, these are the trucks that everyone wants to get a hold of and for a reason.

These trucks became revolutionary vehicles that started to appeal to every customer, not only to people using them for work.

But what are the most wanted classic trucks? More on this, we are going to cover it in a bit. Now let’s see why old pickup trucks are getting more and more popular nowadays.

Why Pickup Trucks Are So Popular Nowadays?

Now before we dive into the most popular wanted classic trucks, let’s take a look at why trucks are getting more and more expensive nowadays. So, why is this the case and their value skyrocketing?

Back in the day trucks were really cheap, they were used predominantly for work. People saw them as expendable items that they would replace after a year or two with a new truck.

And what happened during the years is that trucks have gotten a lot of traction from people who don’t use them for doing work but wanted to drive something really different.

This is why carmakers started to put a ton of commodities in these trucks. Namely, air conditioning, better interiors, and from workhorses they turned trucks into luxury items. Nowadays you get a ton of trims like the Long Horn Edition by Dodge, Denali by GMC, and Platinum by Ford.

All these trucks cost a whole fortune to purchase. And even the cost of the basic trims has increased quite significantly in comparison to older generations of trucks. Nowadays trucks almost cost as expensive as a house.

Most Popular Classic Trucks

In addition to this, trucks tend to hold their value really well. Much better in comparison to sedans and other types of vehicles.

They are simply very desired and this has made purchasing a truck to be rather an investment than a liability. Especially when it comes to classic trucks.

Classic trucks cost a whole fortune nowadays. Much more than their value back in the day when these trucks were new. But still, the truck needs to be in really good condition to hold its value.

Especially if it’s a survivor truck that hasn’t been used or abused. But what are the most wanted classic trucks? More on that in a bit.

Pros And Cons Of Owning A Most Wanted Classic Truck

Now as we cleared what are classic trucks and why trucks are getting more and more traction nowadays in the car community. We think that before we learn more about the most wanted classic trucks it is time to discuss more about the pros and cons of having a classic truck.

As we all know, everything has its pros and cons. This is also the case when it comes to trucks. Nothing is perfect. They must have ups and downs, right? Well, yes, and this is why we will cover these aspects in the following two chapters.

Pros To Getting The Most Wanted Classic Trucks

Now let’s first go through the pros of owning a classic pickup truck. Knowing the pros will really help you out in terms of what to look for when you are trying to learn about the most wanted classic trucks. So, what are the pros? Let’s elaborate.

The biggest pro of owning a truck is probably the practicality. Trucks offer a ton of usability. It doesn’t matter if you are getting a classic truck or a new truck. They will both get things done the right way. So, this is one of the perks of owning trucks.

The second thing that we can say that is one of the biggest pros when it comes to owning trucks is the value. These vehicles hold their value really well and you can be sure that you will not lose money. Especially if you get a classic truck in pristine condition.

So, if you want to make a good investment, then going after a classic truck might be a smart idea.

Since inflation is big nowadays and if you hope to lose less money, then investing it in things that hold value well might be a good option if you are asking me. Later on, when you decide, you can sell the truck for a profit and not lose money.

The next pro of owning a classic truck that we are going to cover is the joy to drive these trucks. If you are into classic cars, then driving a truck like this for the weekends will fill your batteries like nothing else out there.

In addition to this, you can also take this truck to car shows and share some honest opinions with other car guys or truck guys.

Cons To Getting The Most Wanted Classic Trucks

Now let’s discuss about the cons. You also need to learn more about the downsides before you start looking for the most wanted classic trucks. And frankly, there are a few of these downsides with these types of vehicles.

The number one downside when it comes to running any classic car is that you’ll have to pamper them. And we mean by a lot. Why is this so?

Well, this is the case because these vehicles are carburetted and carburetted vehicles do not like to sit a lot. Presumably that you will purchase a classic truck to drive once a month or so, getting the truck in shape all the time could be a problem.

The battery could drain and also the carburetor will get bad. As you probably know when gasoline dries it creates gunk that will possibly hurt the carburetor and clog it up.

Most Wanted Classic Trucks

And when the carburetor is bad, you basically cannot start the engine. This is why when you have a vehicle like this, starting it up at least once a week is a smart idea in order so the gasoline flows and no problems occur.

In addition to this, if you store the truck, it is recommended to use a fuel additive to extend the life of the gas in the tank.

And the last con of having a truck like this is the fact that these trucks are relatively not safe for today’s standards. They are lacking almost every safety equipment.

So, this is another thing to be wary about when it comes to daily this type of vehicle. But what are the most wanted classic trucks? Well, more on that we are going to explain in the following chapters.

Most Wanted Classic Trucks

Now let’s get to business and start learning about the most wanted classic trucks. In the following couple of chapters, we are going to cover the most attractive classic trucks that are available on the market.

We will go through their specs real quick and then we will discuss more about the cost that you can expect to pay in order to get a truck like this. So, follow along if you want to learn which are the most wanted classic trucks.

1. Ford F-Series 1953-1956

The first in our list of most wanted classic trucks is definitely the original Ford F-Series. More precisely the F-100s were built between 1953 and 1956.

This is the truck that probably a lot of us wanted to have when we were in high school. These are one of the trucks that are extremely popular in the hot rod culture and there is a billion resto builds on this truck. Mainly because its looks are so timeless.

And frankly, these trucks are not hard to find, even though they are this old. This is the case because these were the first mass-produced trucks. So, there were tonnes of them out there. Some have already ended up at the crusher. But also there are a ton of them in fairly good condition that wait to be saved.

What is a good characteristic about this truck is its small cabin and big nose at the front. There is enough space to even put a modern Ford 5.0L engine inside with no problems whatsoever.

In terms of engines, there were inline-6 and V8 engines. Starting from 215 cubic inches to 368 cubic inches of displacement. The most powerful is the 368 from 1956. This truck was producing about 300hp.

In terms of transmissions, they have a few options with both manual and automatics. There are 3-speed autos and 3-speed and 4-speed manuals to choose from. All this makes the F-100 one of the most wanted classic trucks. But what about the price?

Well, you can get one of these trucks as a project for less than $10,000. And by this, we mean a truck that needs a lot to be done to it in order to run. A truck in fair condition will be about $12,000 and in excellent condition $45,000.

2. Chevy C10 1967 – 1972

Now let’s discuss another classic in our list of most wanted classic trucks. Which is the Chevy C-10. The C10 is probably one of the most legendary trucks out there that have a ton of value nowadays and people just love them.

Unlike the early F-Series, the C10 was a boxy truck, in fact, it was one of the first trucks that ditched the sleek look of the 50s era and introduced something more modern for the buyer. This is why people loved these trucks.

And on top of that these models are really easy to find. They’re made in big numbers and are also relatively inexpensive except for the Cheyenne models which were fully loaded with options like AM/FM radio, air conditioning, and well-built interiors. The Cheyenne models are also more difficult to find.

In terms of engines, this C10 truck came with a standard 307cu V8 engine. In terms of transmissions, there were a few of them to choose from. Many chose to get the 3-speed automatic but there were also a ton of people who went after the 4-speed manual.

When it comes to purchasing one of these trucks, we can say that if you find a good Cheyenne C10 in fair condition it might be worth restoring it to its former glory and not modifying it.

While if you find a standard C10, your best bet would be to resto-mod this truck and make it a good daily with a modern LS engine.

When it comes to prices. You can find a good project in the range of $8,000 and $10,000. And a truck in fair condition for about $15,000. But if you want to get a truck in pristine condition, you could end up paying $50,000.

3. Ford F-100 1967 – 1972

The next on our list of most wanted classic trucks is the Ford F-100 built between 1967 and 1972. This truck was basically a contemporary rival to the C10. And we can say that it is also a legendary truck but not as popular as the C10 after all.

Nevertheless, this can be a good sign because you can get these trucks for a cheaper deal than the first generation of the F-Series or the C10. But more on that later on.

What is important about this type of truck is that this was the fifth generation of the F-series of trucks. It grew significantly in size and also implemented a larger cab.

Also, these trucks are really popular when it comes to performing rebuilds because they are really solid and durable. They barely have any rust on them if they were garaged during their long life.

These trucks came with a variety of engines such as inline-6 and V8 engines. The smallest was an inline-6 with 240cu of displacement making 150hp. While the largest was a 360cu producing 215hp.

In terms of transmissions, these trucks came with 3-speed and 4-speed manuals or with a 3-speed automatic.

As we said, the good thing about these trucks is that they could be found for cheap. More precisely, sub $10,000 for a drivable truck.

Perfect for resto modding. Especially if you get a bigger F-250 let’s say and install a lift kit on it. Now let’s move on to the next most wanted trucks.

4. Chevy 1960 – 1966

Another in our list of most wanted trucks is the Chevy trucks between 1960 and 1966. These trucks were basically the ancestors of the C10 that came out in 1967.

What is good is that these trucks are also really desirable. Especially for the people who cannot find an early F-Series truck and want to restore something from this era.

So, if you want to get something classy and good for restomodding this might be the right truck for yourself. These trucks are very desirable and a lot of people are after them.

In addition to this, they are really affordable when it comes to purchasing. So, to find a truck like this in fair condition is less than $10,000. And for trucks in good condition, you can expect to pay $20,000 to 25,000.

So, if you find one of these in good condition, you better make that call because someone will snatch it in front of your eyes and you will regret that you didn’t purchase the truck later.

5. GMC & Chevy 1973 – 1987

Now let’s finish our long list of most wanted trucks and for our last pick, we chose the Chevy and GMC trucks built between 1873 and 1987. Why so?

Well, because they are legendary trucks and also very easy to find. Not to mention that there are dirt cheap. And on top of that, some of them are still on the road today. So, you get the point why these trucks are so good in the first place.

These trucks are known for their square-shaped front end. On these trucks, everything is squared and frankly, it looks phenomenal. These trucks are really distinguishable on the road and with this truck, you will be the guy that a ton of car guys will have respect for.

Another thing that is good with these trucks is that they are available both as a regular cab as well as a crew cab. And crew cabs look really well. Especially if you lift them.

Imagine repainting the truck and restomodding it with a new LS engine, much bigger tires, and a few inches of lift. Or possibly getting a short bed version and lowering it to the ground or leveling it.

Everything is possible. And most importantly, very cheap, these trucks can be found for less than $5,000.

Mainly because they don’t have much value and they are really good to work on, especially for beginners who want to drive something cool and can wrench on it. Now let’s conclude this article on the most wanted classic trucks.

Classic Pickup Trucks: Facts

  • Classic pickup trucks have become increasingly popular with collectors.
  • Some classic pickups now command the same high prices as Ferrari or Duesenberg at the auction block.
  • Pickup trucks are no longer solely used as work machines, but also as family haulers, leading to their price tags rising accordingly.
  • Old pickup trucks that cost a fortune in 2022 are rare and valuable gems that every collector wants.
  • The 1953 to 1956 Ford F100s are among the coolest classic American trucks and sell for around $27,000 today.
  • The Hudson Big Boy pickup produced from 1939 to 1947 cost around $42,000 on average.
  • Studebaker M Series trucks built before and after the Second World War cost $32,500 on average today.
  • The Chevy Cameo offered a combination of convenience features only found in cars, and now costs around $63,478 on average.
  • The 1972 Ford Bronco Pickup now sells for around $48,400, and the 1972 Chevy Blazer sells for around $50,000.
  • Among the most valuable classic pickup trucks on the market today are the Dodge Fore-Point Series, produced between 1936 and 1938, which sells for around $23,500 on average.


In this article, we learned more about the most wanted classic trucks. First, we covered what is a classic truck and why these trucks are getting more and more traction today. Then we learned what are the pros and cons of having a classic truck.

After that, we discussed the most wanted classic trucks that are on the market right now. We strongly hope that you enjoyed our list of trucks.

F.A.Qs On The Most Wanted Classic Trucks

Now let’s answer some frequently asked questions.

How Long Is A Pickup Truck

The length of the truck really depends on whether we are talking about a short bed or a long bed truck. Also, cabin size matters. For example, the F-150 Regular Cab with a 6.5ft bed is 209 inches long while a SuperCab with an 8 ft bed is 250 inches long.

Who Makes The Best Pickup Truck

There are many factors that make a truck. But the most important ones are the hauling and towing capacity. If you plan to use this truck for work, then these are the two aspects that you need to focus on.

Where To Buy Old Trucks

In order to find old trucks, your best bet is to look for classic car dealerships in your area. If you cannot find a good deal over there, you might want to open Craigslist or eBay and see if there is something to buy. And frankly, on these sites, there is always something to buy.

Is Dodge Better Than Chevy

When it comes to which is better, it is really difficult to tell. They both make really good trucks and both brands have a lot to offer. It more depends on your needs as well as what you expect from a truck.

What Is The Most Popular Truck In America

The most popular truck in the US is the Ford F-150. It always has been. This model has the biggest market share of any model out there by a big margin.

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